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JuneBugs Preschool

Age 3-5 only

Forest School Key Elements 


JuneBugs provides time for children to engage in play that is freely chosen, personally directed, and intrinsically motivated


JuneBugs allows children to explore the environment and bases activities off what the children are interested in.


Risk taking

Junebugs provides a safe environment for children to explore and take calculated risks


JuneBugs is outdoors  in all weather conditions. Children are taught to be mindful of their surroundings to connect with nature

General Info

Enrollment Policies

  1. Fill out the interest form on website

  2. Wait for an email to schedule an interview (call, video, or in person)

  3. Complete registration paperwork

  4. Pay $200 Registration fee (non-refundable)

Washington Park - Denver, Colorado 

Tuesday & Thursday 1/2 Day
9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Winter &  Spring
10:00 AM- 3:00 PM


Trimester.                                                          Tuition

Fall (September - November)                         $2400

Winter (December - February)                        $2200

Spring (March - May)                                        $2400

Interest form
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